Waffles from Belgium now in CLAVER Philippines

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The best waffles in the world are served in Belgium , that is well known

Maribel Rosario , is a double national , she is Filipina and als Belgian citizen. With the advise of her husband Mr Scheltens Jozef , who is a experienced top coock in Belgium, she will bring the goodness of her adopted country Belgium to the people of her native country Philippines , at a very affortable price

We offer the 2 most famous waffles from Belgium : the Liège Waffle and the Brussels waffle

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Belgian waffles: Brussels vs. Liège

Who doesn’t like a delicious Belgian waffle? But did you know there are two types of Belgian waffles? We have the Brussels waffle and the Liège waffle, both named after a city.

Brussels waffles: Crispy on the outside, amazingly soft on the inside, the Brussels waffle is what most Americans picture when they think of Belgian waffles. Their fluffier texture comes from using leavened batter and larger, deeper squares. These rectangular treats are most commonly dotted with either 15 or 24 square pockets.

Liège waffles: These delicious and extremely popular waffles hail from eastern Belgium. Made with a thicker brioche batter that includes pearl sugar, Liège waffles have a rich and crispy caramelized sugar coating. Their distinctly rounded corners typically surround a 3-by-4 square pattern.”

The Brussels waffle on the left , the Liège waffle on the right